The Third Temple: The Coming Hope

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Today for Jews all over the world a solemn holiday is held called Tisha B’Av. This holiday commemorates not only the destruction of both the first and second holy Temples in Jerusalem, but other hardships that have fallen on God’s chosen people, such as the Roman Massacare of 10,000 Jews. Though this day is a day of great sorrow for us let us remember that the building of the glorious Third Temple is not to far off.

The First Temple, Solomon’s Temple, stood until 587 BC when the Babylonians destroyed it as they sacked the holy city of Jerusalem. After the exile in Babylon Cyrus decreed that the Jews should be allowed to go back to their land and rebuild the Temple that once stood there. This Second Temple stood until 70 AD when it was destroyed by the Romans after continuous Jewish uprisings. After this time the Jews were essentially kicked out of the Promised Land and sent to all corners of the globe. It was not until 1948, with the creation of the modern state of Israel, that those with the means and desire to build the next temple were finally brought back to there home. It is this group of people, lead by groups such as the Temple Institute, who are pushing forward with Ezekiel’s vision of a new sanctuary for God to sit in upon the earth.

We should remember that even though many calamities have fallen in the past the future is still in the hands of the Creator. Right now in Israel vestments and objects that will adore the Third Temple are being built to biblical specifications. There are blueprints being drawn up for the entire Temple Mount complex. This is no longer just biblical prophecy to us, but God working through man in the here and now. God’s promises are eternal and He has always remained faithful to His chosen people since the time of Abraham.

We are working towards the end of this age. There truly cannot be much time left as all of the pieces continue to fall into place. It is no wonder that many Jews cannot wait for the Temple Mount to be retaken and the Temple to be placed again in its rightful place. God is the same now as He was to Abraham, Daniel, and the Disciples. He is the same God who knows the hairs on your head and the beginning of the end. He will be the same God who sits upon the Throne of Ezekiel and reigns forever and ever. Though it is good to remember the bad that has happened it is also good to remember that in the end our Father who art in Heaven loves us and truly wants good for His children.