The Red Heifer

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The Jewish sacrificial system is something that has to be re-implemented in the last days. After the Third Temple is placed upon the Temple Mount the sacrificial system will be put back in place to atone for the sins of the Israelite people. Though generally overlooked with regard to End Time prophecy, when this occurs it will be a clear indication of the time that we are living.

The sacrificial system was first put into law at the base of Mount Sinai. Under Levitical Law a red heifer was to be sacrificed for the purification of someone who had come into contact with a corpse. In Numbers 19:11, God decreed that anyone who came in contact was ritually unclean for a seven day period. This animal had to be perfect. It must be in perfect health, never been worked, and without a hair any other color than red on its body (Numbers 19:2). It is then ritually sacrificed and burned outside of the camp with Cedar wood, hysop, and wool died scarlet. The ashes are then added to purified water. To purify someone who has come in contact with the dead the water with the ashes is sprinkled upon the person who is unclean using hysop on the third and seventh days of the purification.

These sacrifices have not occurred since AD70 when the Temple in Jerusalem was sacked and brought down by the Roman Empire, but will occur again in the Third Temple. The reason that this is such a sign is the rarity of one of these heifers actually existing. To find a heifer such as this for the sacrifices is a biological anomaly. The Mishna states that there were only nine red heifers between the time of Moses and the Second Temple. That means that their was only 1 red heifer every 170 years. According to Jewish tradition the tenth will be found in the Messianic Era, the time which I believe Christians refer to as the End Times.

There are a number of people who have tried to bring about a red heifer in the last 60 years since Israel’s creation, none more so than the Temple Institute. The Temple Institute is a group that is actively advocating for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and who is currently working to create the tools and clothing for the Priests according to Levitical Law. In the past they found two, in 1997 and 2002, that they deemed kosher but later found white hairs upon. Logically you would think a group that has been at this task for 30 years in our scientific age would be able to replicate a red heifer. This is not the case though. God has appointed a certain time for this to occur and before that time any attempts will ultimately fail. Though we are given free will God is still in control and certain things still occur on His timeline.

There are a lot of prophecies with regards to the End Times. Some are so ambiguous that we will not know exactly what they mean until they are occurring. This one is very clear though. When the sacrifices are brought back into the Third Temple a red heifer without blemish will be found. Christ told us to be watchful for His return as He would be coming back as a thief in the night. When this occurs we will know that our Lord is not to far off.