The Ethnic Cleansing of Iraqi Christians

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ISIS, or the Islamic Caliphate, has been gaining strength and ground in massive numbers. As they try to establish the Islamic State they are cutting down anyone who stands in their path. This has included the thousands of years old community of Christians in Iraq. This ethnic cleansing is showing no signs of slowing down and very few seem to be aware, or care, as to what is happening to are brothers and sisters.

According to tradition Christianity was brought to Iraq in the 1st century AD by the Apostle Thomas. This makes it one of the oldest surviving communities of Christians in the world, and by the late 80’s there were 1.4 million living in Iraq. Many of these were displaced in the Gulf Wars as Islamists moved into their neighborhood in much the same way ISIS is uprooting them now. So what is the world truly doing to protect this ancient community from the enemies harm, nothing to be honest.

We have heard promises by certain countries that they would take Iraqi Christians in and the leaders of others have debated and discussed helping, but as men of power talk those who they speak about are persecuted in droves. They have been stripped of their homes, their possessions, and their lives and been told to leave or pay the jizya, which is the tax levied on non-muslims by the Islamic State. Any who have spoken out against this have been murdered within days and the world just seems set to stand idly by as men, women, and children are cut down indiscriminately.

So what is the world supposed to do. Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek so those who are being persecuted should just take it and smile, right. Wrong as the world stands idly by many more will die in the expansion of the new Islamic Caliphate. The world does not have a good track record for stopping cleansing of entire groups of people as we have seen during the Holocaust and Darfur. So what are we to do. First, pray for all of the people of Iraq whether Christian or Muslim. Our Creator can do many great things and I do not believe we put the faith in Him that we truly should. If anyone can deliver those from evil it is the ultimate source of good in the universe. Second, we need to spread the word and demand action from those who are able to do so. Though we may not realize it the populace will always outnumber the elites. We have the power to enact great change in the world. Write to a congressman, post on your blog, do something to get the word out and pressure those in power to start doing the right thing by the world. If we continue to do nothing as evil goes on are we truly any better than those doing the evil.

The new Islamic Caliphate is trying to bring about the end times by creating the Islamic kingdom for the Mahdi to rule. They believe this fact like you and I believe the earth is round. They will fight to the death for their beliefs and will continue their unbridled persecution of whatever group gets in there way. If the world does not get ahead of this problem it will continue to grow at an expedited rate that will be impossible to contain. The deaths of Christians in Iraq is only the beginning. If the world stands idly by the end of history could truly be upon us.