Socialist Savior

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Jesus is the ultimate example of who we are supposed to be. We look to Him for guidance in all matters and see Him as the perfect embodiment of humanity. Are we really doing what He says though. I believe that if we truly follow the teachings of Christ as placed forth in the Gospels we will find less of a archetype and more of a socialist Savior.

Jesus tells the man in Matthew 19:21 that to follow Him he would need to sell all of his possessions. The man, who we assume was a well of man, could not bear to part with his things and walks away dejected. I have heard this rationalized by saying maybe he would learn later or that Jesus was not truly asking him to give up everything, but what if He was. What if He actually meant what He said. Maybe we are not supposed to have all that we do. If we cannot put our possessions behind our Savior whom do we actually serve. Imagine the people who could be served if the people with wealth would actually use it to give to those who do not. I am not saying that they should just give to those without an ounce of gumption but imagine if this was actually followed and how the class system would dissolve away.

In the Beatitudes Jesus talks about those who we consider less than people in our society. To us we see those who are poor in spirit as those who are in the gutter or the outcasts of society; Jesus sees these people as those who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. We idolize those who symbolize power and pushing forward while Christ tells us the meek will inherit the earth. Imagine if we would all start looking at the world this way. Instead of looking at those who are not as well off with pity and an open heart instead of derision and judgment. Imagine if we would lend a helping hand instead of pushing them back down. Why do we continue to throw down those who are supposed to be leading the charge into the Kingdom.

Jesus and the disciples lived together as a family. They ate meals together, slept in the same places, and shared everything they had. They lived, laughed, and loved in unison. We can barely come together for a meal. Families go years without even speaking to one another. We have lost what this life is truly about. This group of people knew that their God and their family meant everything. We can barely loan each other a buck while these men would have laid their lives down for one another. We have lost all aspects of social in society. Even though it though we assume to follow the example Christ left for us we seem to walk in a completely different way than our Messiah.

I know that what I am suggesting here is a utopian dream that will never be fulfilled until the Kingdom comes. That does not mean that we cannot at least do our best to make our Savior’s ideals a reality in our time. Even if we cannot change the world why can we not at least change the little slice of heaven that we have been blessed with. If we can change one life in our short time here is that effort not worth all of the cost. Maybe if we all became a little more Savior Social the world would not be heading down the bleak path we are currently on.