Modernizing the Church

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We live in a world that our ancestors even a hundred years ago could not have dreamed possible. We can speak to one another in real time from thousands of miles away and the technological advances will continue to grow exponentially through our lifetimes. Why then does it seem like the church is so far behind the curve. In a world of smartphones and Facebook the church seems content to just work within the same confines of the brick and mortar that have defined us for a couple thousand years. In doing this the church is allowing an entire generation to fall through the cracks even when it has the means to stop it.

Why This Generation is so Different

  Those around my age and younger grew up in an era where instead of using the phone to call friends we got on the computer and chatted with whomever we desired. We grew up in a technological boom. The church to us seems antiquated. We no longer have the attention spans to just sit quietly and listen for an hour as announcements are read, hymns are sung, and the preacher talks for what often times seems like eternity. The old guard though, stuck in their ways, believes that this is the only way church can be. Anything outside the box is looked upon as strange and usually characterized as “not of God”. There is a great schism between the two sides and it is causing more to fall away from Christ than ever before.

Doing vs. Sitting

  We grew up as dreamers who were told that we could be anything that we wanted to be and we truly believed that message. Even though we have come into our own at a time in which we cannot truly succeed under current conditions that dream is kept alive. We no longer want to just sit in church on Sundays. We want to be the change that this world needs and the hands and feet that Christ asked us to be. This is why we turn to things such as social media, blogging, and take risks for the life that we want to live. We can agree that the brick and mortar have their place, but like everything else we must adapt for the ever changing times in which we live.

The older generations are content to sit in the pews, sing the hymns, and live their lives and that is fine….for them. This is the way in which they choose to worship and if it is good for them that is fine, but if we are to truly take Christ’s words as law how much is it really doing for people outside of the building. Ask yourself when was the last time you had someone accept Christ within the confines of the building or the last time there was true joy over the Lord within the sanctuary rather than idle gossip and feigned attentiveness. I know that there are exceptions to every rule and that this does not cover every single church, but if we are honest it sounds like a lot of them.

What Needs to Change

  People of the Building, if you are truly going to do the work of our Lord you are going to have to get outside the building. There are so many who will never see the inside of the church or truly know the love of our Lord, but you know what they will see, You. You, as a member of the body of God, are a representative of our Lord. They do not have to be in the building to see God working through your life. Take a risk and show the world the life that God has blessed you with.

People of the Body, remember that there is a time and place for us to gather and without that building a lot of us would not have the faith that we have now. I agree that God can be found anywhere, but the church is still a place where that can occur. In the same sense though never stop dreaming that God can use you to change the world. I believe that we as a group have been given a gift from our Lord that is not to be misused and that is the belief that we really can make a difference in this world. Many of us are forgoing the monetary aspect and deciding at a young age that doing is much more important than storing things up for a finite lifetime where all things will again turn to dust.

Let us be the People of God

Both sides are necessary for the hands and feet of Christ to move throughout the world in which we live. A world that seems to be falling further and further into chaos on a daily basis. We need the People of the Building to step up and go into the world with the fire for change. We need to the People of the Body to continue to go to the ends of the earth looking for the glory of our Savior. Let us work together to bring the Kingdom of our Lord to fruition everywhere that we can